Iphone 12 design leaks, with a smaller notch and a new design

If this design and the photos are true, then this will be the big change in the design of the iPhone after 4 years.

Iphone 12 photos leak

Apple is going to lunch its next set of the flagship smartphones, the iPhone 12 and other models like Pro's. The release date should be in September and this year,if things don't go wrong the release date could be around the same time. But there are already leaks and rumors on what you can expect in term of the specification. The latest one is about the design, and a smaller chin and also about the smaller notch of Iphone 12.
Iphone 12 photos leak

According to this image, it has the camera design like Iphone 11 Pro but slightly different from that.
Iphone 12 photos leak

Latest news of iPhone 12
(updated April 18).

  • The iPhone 12 design has been leaked. It shows a smaller notch, the LiDAR scanner and a thinner design.
  • Apple could space out the release date of some iPhone 12 models. A new leak claims three of the phones four variants will be released in September.
  • But the biggest news is 6.7 inch iPhone 12 Pro will release a month later after the release of iPhone 12.
  • A leak confirm that the future Apple phones could offers reverse wireless charging similar to the Samsung phones.

Therefore, to claim that this is the final version of iPhone 12 now could be stretching things a bit far. One will have to wait a little more to know if there is any substance in this clam.

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