How to convert Decimal to Binary?

Decimal To Binary Conversion 

The decimal, also known as the base 10 numbering system is what we use in everyday life for counting. Whereas Binary number is most familiar number system to the digital systems, networking and computer professionals. It is also know as base 2 number system which includes 0 and 1. In computer science binary number system are the basic and very important topic to know. If you are intrested to know about computers then this topic is going to be very useful for you.  

Conversion of Decimal to Binary number system

There are some few methods for converting Decimal numbers into Binary numbers. Now i'm going to give you a very easy and useful method.

For  Example
Convert a Decimal number 75 into Binary number. 

Now, write remainder from bottom to up (in reverse order), this will be 1001011 which is equivalent binary number of decimal integer 75.

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