Client and Server model | How the Server and Client actually works?

The client and server model is the geographical representation of the connection between the server and client. This model or architecture shows how the client and servers are communicating with each other or you can say it defines how the connection will established between the server and the client.This is a basic concept but very important also. The beginners who are very interested to learn about computers, networking and ethical hacking this concept is going to be very useful for you.

Before starting the main topic let's clarify the basics- let's talk about what is servers and clients.
  • Server- A server is a type of computer or a device which provide services to another computers. Jn this digital world servers are basically known as remote computers which provide us information or data.
  • Client- Client means a person or a computer device who uses the services provided by the server. It also known as host.

How the Server and Client model works?

In this topic we gonna talk about how the client and server are work, so it basically when a client or host make a request (url request) it goes to the server and then server checks the request if the request is correct then the server send the correct response to the host after that the whole connection is going to be established. This is how the server and client works.

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